Federal Lawsuit

SEPTEMBER 11,2020 UPDATE:  The City of Raleigh and Hand of Hope filed a settlement agreement over our federal lawsuit.  Raleigh has agreed to an interpretation that will allow Hand of Hope to operate as primarily a civic use with an accessory medical use in the current residential zoning.  As of this update, HOH is awaiting approval from Raleigh for a Change of Use (from residential use to civic use) which will then finally allow us to occupy our space for its original intent - to give women no cost services and alternatives to abortion such as informed consent, ultrasounds and material aid during their pregnancy decision phase.

Here's the backstory: In December 2015, Hand of Hope purchased property immediately beside the second largest abortion clinic in the Southeast.  This is a residentially zoned property.  Numerous other properties along Jones Franklin Road in Raleigh, including said abortion clinic, were purchased as residential properties and rezoned for Mixed Use or similar zoning uses.  

Hand of Hope applied for a Mixed Use zoning with the City of Raleigh.  That application was unanimously approved by several City of Raleigh Departments prior to the final hearing before the Raleigh City Council.

The Raleigh City Council unanimously denied our rezoning application in July 2016.

During this months long process, our CEO, Tonya Baker Nelson had an opportunity to meet with one of the abortion clinic owners.  That owner shared these thoughts with her, "It's just the ultrasound, Tonya.  That's what we are so concerned about."  We are quite sure the ultrasound is exactly what they're so concerned about - they clearly are anxious to keep moms and dads from seeing their preborn baby on an ultrasound...especially an ultrasound that is FREE.

In September 2016, Hand of Hope filed a federal law suit against the City of Raleigh.

As of January 2019, we are currently awaiting a ruling on a motion filed by the City of Raleigh.  Once this ruling is filed, we are prayerful and hopeful that our Jury Trial will speedily occur.

Please join with us in prayer over this huge Goliath that we are facing.  We will not quit.  We will not back down.  Moms deserve to see their baby on an ultrasound and babies deserve to have their voices heard through the power of technology.  Join our Prayer Team for updates.  Join with us as we #StandForHope #ForSuchATimeAsThis

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