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HOH has SETTLED with the City of Raleigh   Raleigh has agreed to settle our federal lawsuit and scared parents are now given the ability to see their preborn baby on an ultrasound in the property that we have owned since December 2015 right beside the second busiest abortion clinic in NC.  We do still have to acquire a Change of Use from the City of Raleigh and we are moving right along with that process.  We hope to be fully functional in our 1522 Jones Franklin Road location by early 2021.

Fayetteville location We have acquired space to operate another location in Fayetteville!  It is located at 4760 Yadkin Road across from Planned Parenthood.  We could use your prayers as we seek to increase our territory and seek the welfare of the city of Fayetteville.  (Jeremiah 29: 10)

Circle of Hope partners (monthly partnering program) As a faith based, stand alone nonprofit ministry we rely heavily on our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to come alongside us and financially partner with the beautiful work we do in our centers.  Please see Giving & Circle of Hope tab for more info.


Material Donations